Sunday, January 24, 2010

The second time around

They met again late in life
She was divorced
He just lost his wife

He was her high school beau
They dated two years
It was so long ago

They went to a singles dance
In search of friendship
And not romance

She saw him by the door
After graduation
She saw him no more

Was he still the love of her life
This sad and lonely man
Who just lost his wife

And then she waved to him
Bringing back memories
Of their high school gym

Anxious to be by her side
He crossed the room quickly
And then they both cried

She was pleasant and cute
And very funny
Each of them had lots of money

He was soft spoken and polite
To be with him
Was quite a delight

Their children soon became upset
About the money
They might not get

A husband who cared
For his dutiful wife
Until an illness claimed her life

Years after he fought in the war
She told her husband
She loved him no more

A second chance for an older pair
Another marriage
A new life to share

Either young or old or middle age
True love comes along
At any stage

By, Randee Saber 1/24/10