Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dead or alive

You’re at her bedside
Many hours each day
You quit your job
So you can stay

She’s a real fighter
And has been for years
Her treatment is painful
She’s shed a few tears

A beautiful girl
Who lost her hair
Without her wig
People will stare

A high school student
Her future was bright
She isn’t willing
To give up the fight

Returning to school
It’s too soon to tell
Now she’s too sick
But time will tell

Wanting to go
To her senior prom
If she’s not asked
She’ll go with her mom

Football games
And her first kiss
For the time being
She’ll have to miss

She wasn’t abducted
They know she’s here
On the side of the road
Her remains won’t appear

A child abducted
You may never see
Once she’s kidnapped
She’s unable to flee

She’s misses her family
She’s very scared
A child who’s sick
This can’t be compared

A daughter who’s ill
May often survive
A daughter who’s missing
Was not found alive

By, Randee Saber 10/24/09