Sunday, July 6, 2008

Million Dollar Pier

When summers began
And the nights were clear
On Sunday we’d go
To the Million Dollar Pier

The pier extended
Far out at sea
It’s where dad took
My brother and me

A place to have fun
On a hot summer night
The lights on the pier
Were always bright

Alongside the pier
You could win a prize
I once won a doll
That had blue eyes

I’d wear a nice dress
With a white crinoline
On the little boat ride
Dad helped me in

Holding the reins
Of a beautiful horse
The music would play
As we stayed on course

The kiddie rides
Were always a thrill
Although one ride
Once gave me a chill

A haunted house
That I wanted to see
Witches and ghosts
Really scared me

While in this house
I screamed and cried
Afraid that I'd
Be trapped inside

When I got older
I went without dad
A wonderful time
My friends and I had

The haunted house
Wasn’t as scary
Yet still I was
A little wary

The roller coaster
Seemed very tall
But from a great height
It didn’t fall

Sitting in tea cups
That spun us around
The Ferris wheel circled
Around and around

Rides didn’t drop
A hundred feet
Or turn you over
While in your seat

Childhood memories
Will always be dear
Of summers spent
On the Million Dollar Pier

By, Randee Saber 6/08